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Price of water services

Price of water services

The water service bill consists of a fixed and variable part.
THE FIXED PART is charged regardless of consumption, monthly, for each billed customer of the service.
THE VARIABLE PART is charged according to consumption and it is comprised of several items or fees where the revenue is allocated to different entities.
The average monthly consumption of our customers is 5-7 m³ per household member.

Also, according to the Water Act, the price for socially vulnerable citizens is set, and it amounts to 60% of the basic price of water services.
The last change in the price of water for Zagreb was done on 01.11.2015. by the Decision on Amendments to the Water Services Tariff Decision where the price of drinking water supply for the category of HOUSEHOLDS decreased from HRK 4.68 to HRK 4.21 and category HOUSEHOLDS - socially vulnerable from HRK 2.808 to HRK 2.526.
Water price structure: