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Cleaning of cesspools and septic tanks

Cleaning of cesspools and septic tanks

After the fulfillment of all the conditions defined by the Decisions on granting concessions for the provision of public services for the collection, discharge and drainage of wastewaters from collecting and septic tanks in the City of Zagreb (Official Gazette of the City of Zagreb 20/18 and 4/19), the most favored concessionaires were concluded.

List of concessionaires:
02/2018 SJJ FILIPOVIĆ COMMERCE Ltd. E-mail: vrcdoo@gmail.com
Tel: +385 1 6588 281
Mob: +385 91 5815 868
Contact persons: Mrs. Jasna Filipović Vrčković and Mr. Branimir Vrčković
Web: www.filipoviccommerce.hr
04/2018 SJJ GRAFEK Ltd. E-mail: marijohegol@gmail.com
Mob: +385 98 359 612
Contact person: Mr. Zdravko Hegol
05/2018 SJJ MULL-TRANS Ltd. E-mail: ksenija.trgovec@mulltrans.hr
Mob: +385 99 7019 711
Contact person: Mr. Ksenija Trgovec 
Web: www.mulltrans.eko-flor.hr
06/2018 SJJ ASES USLUGE Ltd.

E-mail: info@ases-usluge.hr
Tel.: +385 1 6147 437
Mob: +385 99 2916 073 and +385 99 4242 424
Contact person: Mr. Ivan Rus
Web: www.ases-usluge.hr

07/2018 SJJ TOM-GRAN USLUGE Ltd. E-mail: tomgran.usluge@gmail.com
Mob: +385 91 544 1347
Contact person: Mr. Darko Tomaško
09/2018 SJJ EKO-FLOR PLUS Ltd. E-mail: ksenija.trgovec@eko-flor.hr
Mob: +385 99 2179 506 and +385 99 7019 711
Contact person: Mrs. Ksenija Trgovec
Web: www.eko-flor.hr
10/2018 SJJ N.T-EKO Ltd. E-mail: nenad.tomasko@nt-eko.hr
Mob: +385 98 314 837 and +385 99 345 3000
Contact person: Mr. Nenad Tomaško
Web: www.nt-eko.hr
For cleaning and discharging septic and collector pits customers must contact the above mentioned companies at least 24 hours before the intention to pumping or discharging in order for us to be able to prepare them properly. After 1st March 2014 due to the above mentioned legal provisions, Vodoopskrba i odvodnja Ltd. no longer performs the cleaning and emptying of collector pits and septic tanks. 

All updated status data of the concessionaires are publicly available on the website Web Register of concessions of the Ministry of Finance.