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144 years of public water supply

144 years of public water supply

144 years of public water supply
144 years ago, on July 7, 1878, the city waterworks was put into operation.

​The water supply network was almost four kilometers long, with 11,150 people connected to it. The water supply system functioned with one well in Zagorska Street, a water reservoir in Jurjevska and a pipeline.

The project for the construction of a water supply system in Zagreb was made by engineer R. Melkus, and the construction lasted two years. The first manager of the Zagreb water supply system was the famous Milan Lenuzi, and the newspapers of the time noted: "Those gathered were happy to watch billions of water pearls in the hot midday sun!" 

Today Vodoopskrba i odvodnja Ltd. provides public water supply and drainage services for the City of Zagreb, as well as performing water supply services in the areas of Samobor, Sveta Nedelja and the municipality of Stupnik and drainage services in the area of Sveta Nedelja and the municipality of Stupnik.

Our fellow citizens can be proud of drinking water that is extremely high quality and at the same time bacteriologically and chemically healthy due to the soil structure of the Sava aquifer.

Vodoopskrba i odvodnja Ltd. makes daily efforts to achieve the set goals, both the construction of a new network and the maintenance of the existing one, to provide our consumers with quality and continuous public water supply and drainage.