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Aleja Bologne - Škorpikova underpass

Aleja Bologne - Škorpikova underpass

Aleja Bologne - Škorpikova underpass
In the area of the Aleja Bologna - Škorpikova underpass, under normal hydrometeorological conditions, the functioning of the drainage system is not endangered and drainage takes place without disturbances, and the depression zone of the underpass is not endangered by flooding.

Underpass flooding occurs due to extreme rainfall in a short period of time, creating an increased inflow of rainwater from the upstream catchment area, and the existing drainage system is not able to accept and drain the same water from the depression zone of the underpass, but they remain in underpass zone.

In 2018 Vodoopskrba i odvodnja Ltd. reconstructed a part of the collector through the depression of the Škorpikova underpass, thus ensuring safer water transit through the underpass. The urbanization of the city of Zagreb, ie the construction of facilities, as well as the arrangement of access roads, increased the inflow of wastewater, primarily rainwater.

In order to solve the problems of the entire area, a project for the construction of the Dubravica collector was made, through 3 stages.

That's how it is on April 23, 2019 Vodoopskrba i odvodnja Ltd. started construction of collectors Dubravica, I. and III. Stage, total investments HRK 17,805,761.95 (excluding VAT). In the first stage of the Dubravica collecting canal, 695.00 meters of canal were constructed in the city district of Podsused-Vrapče, where the collecting canal stretches along the corridor of Josipa Lončara Street, while in the third stage of the Dubravica collecting canal a total of 302.00 meters of canals were built in the same district, which stretches along Dubravica Street (from Josipa Lončara Street to Huzjanova Street). The constructed canals flow into the existing collector in Kovinska Street.
With the completion of works on the construction of collectors Dubravica I. and III. stage, the precondition for performing works on the 5th stage has been met. For the execution of works on the 5th stage, it is necessary to provide a corridor for the future road, which includes resolving property-legal relations.

Vodoopskrba i odvodnja Ltd. initiated a procurement procedure for contracting contractors and expert supervision for the construction of a part of the collection canal from the 5th stage, which extends along Huzjanova Street from Dubravica Street in the length of 397 meters.

The final construction of the 5th stage of the Dubravica collecting canal will redirect part of the drainage of the upstream watershed of the Aleja Bologna-Škorpikova underpass.

In order to enable proper drainage through the public sewerage system, it is also necessary, in addition to the first most polluted rainwater of the road, to accept the sanitary water of facilities that gravitate to the channels in question. The newly constructed collection canal will enable the rehabilitation of the Kostanjek landslide, and wastewater will be led to the connection to the collector in Kovinska Street via the newly constructed canal.

After the construction of all the mentioned sections of the collecting channel, it will be possible to start solving the flooding in the Škorpikova underpass, which refers to the construction of a pumping station with a retention basin, which will enable the retention of rainwater in retention and pumping it to the Dubravica collector in Huzjanova Street.

The implementation of all activities mentioned above, will lead to a complete solution that will prevent any future flooding of the underpass.